Legal Aid Cell

ILC have setup permanent Legal Aid Cell at Campus to assist the under privileged and rural community in its endeavour to secure the Justice for all. Through this Clinic, the College aims to stimulate thinking and redefine understanding of our Law students on the legal angle to disputes/ complexities at large, legal services market, social obligation and responsibilities retained on legal practitioners to provide good quality legal services that deliver fair excess to justice for people who cannot otherwise afford it.

The clinic aims to afford an opportunity to every student to play important active role in legal empowerment of marginalized sections of the society. Officials from the department of justice, Government of India, Eminent Scholars like Jane Schuklose, NGOs like JVI, Judges Academicians participated in this open ceremony.

Legal Aid Helpline @ILC

Faculty Guide

S. No. Name Designation
1 Prof.(Dr.) Arun Kumar Principal
2 Ms. Shweta Sharma Assistant Professor

Student Co-ordinator

S. No. Name Class

Legal Aid Helpline